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Diopsis thoracica WEST (Dipt. Diopsidae) important ravageur du riz en Afrique de l'Ouest : données bio-écologiques et application à la lutte intégrée

  title={Diopsis thoracica WEST (Dipt. Diopsidae) important ravageur du riz en Afrique de l'Ouest : donn{\'e}es bio-{\'e}cologiques et application {\`a} la lutte int{\'e}gr{\'e}e},
  author={Bernard Vercambre},
Rice stem borer species in Tanzania: a review
Proper management of rice stem borers is a pre-requisite for enhanced and sustainable rice production among smallholder farmers that epitomize the rice production industry in Tanzania.
Diopsids (Diopsis thoracica and D. apicalis) Damaging Rice Production in Africa: A Review
Breeding showed a transmissibility of this resistance to the progenies as NERICA4, and research has shown the influence of climatic factors and alternative hosts in the expansion of these pests.
Diopsis mayae sp. n. (Diptera, Diopsidae), a dominant stalk-eyed fly, occurring from South Africa to Saudi Arabia
Diopsis mayae sp. n. is the sister species of the well-known West-African D. apicalis. It occurs from Egypt and Saudi Arabia down through eastern Africa to Namibia and South Africa. Both species
International Journal of Current Research in
Diopsids are pests responsible for significant losses in rice and other cereal crop production. Damages resulting from this attack particularly during tillering and flowering stage are fatal.
Abnormal segregations in crosses between two cultivated rice species
An F1 hybrid between the two cultivated rice species Oryza glaberrima and O. sativa spp. japonica was pollinated by four different O. sativa genotypes to obtain four back-cross progenies with 9–36
Varietal Resistance to Stem Borer Pests of Rice Management in West Africa: A Review
A call was made to accord greater emphasis and priority to research on varietal resistance since in the long run it will become the most important rice crop management tactic feasible for the majority of West African small scale rice fanners.
Mating and ovipositional behavior of the stalk‐eyed fly Diopsis macrophthalma on rice
Studies on the mating and ovipositional responses of Diopsis macrophthalma Dalman (= D. thoracica Westw.) were carried out under field and screenhouse conditions, and rice was preferred for oviposition in comparison with sorghum.