Diode-Pumped Emission of Tm(3)(+)-Doped Ca(2)Al(2)SiO(7) Crystals.

  title={Diode-Pumped Emission of Tm(3)(+)-Doped Ca(2)Al(2)SiO(7) Crystals.},
  author={J P Foing and E Scheer and Bruno Santos Viana and N Britos},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={37 21},
A diode-pumped Tm:Ca(2)Al(2)SiO(7) (Tm:CAS) laser has been demonstrated for the first time to the authors' knowledge. A 39-mW output power and an 8.6% slope efficiency were obtained at -11 degrees C. The most attractive features of Tm:CAS are a broad absorption band near 785 nm and a large ground-state splitting. The improvement in laser performance… CONTINUE READING