Dinosaur Facts and Figures

  title={Dinosaur Facts and Figures},
  author={Sante Mazzei and David Connolly and Gonzalo {\'A}ngelVE Ram{\'i}rez Cruz and Asier Larramendi and Andrey A. Atuchin},
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Digital 3D models of theropods for approaching body-mass distribution and volume
The aim of this work is to obtain diverse morphometric data from digitized 3D models of scientifically accurate palaeoreconstructions of theropods from eight representative families. The analysed
A Palaeogravity calculation based on weight and mass estimates of Megalosaurus bucklandii.
The dinosaur specimen chosen for this study of palaeogravity was Megalosaurus bucklandii BMNH 31806. 1 See for example: Harlé (1911), Kort (1947), Pennycuick (1992, 2008, 2016), Hurrell (1994, 2011,