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Dining Out at Lake Pampa: The Shabari Episode in Multiple Ramayanas

  title={Dining Out at Lake Pampa: The Shabari Episode in Multiple Ramayanas},
  author={Philip Lutgendorf},
  • Philip Lutgendorf
  • Published 2010
  • 5 Citations


    -which (like other examples cited above) seems to allude to an untold story, even as it makes the Lord himself, rather than his devotee, the instigator of the implied transgression
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      Devesh," shabari caritra
      • Dayashankar Avasthi
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      From a song about Shabari, presumably by a folk poet, quoted (without further identification
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        Gosvami Nabha-ji ki shri Bhaktmal, shri Priya Das-ji pranita tika-kavitta
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          Of the two references to the tainted food offering that Smith cites, the earliest is found in Balaramadasa's Jagamohana ramayana, in which Shabari serves Rama mangoes, concerning which he remarks
            On the usage of such labels as shabara, kirata, pulinda, nishadha, etc. in ancient Sanskrit texts, see
              Other examples could be added; thus neither Madhava Kandali's (ca. 1350) Assamese Ramayana, nor