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Dinámica de poblaciones de Ammalo helops var. trujillaria Dognin (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

  title={Din{\'a}mica de poblaciones de Ammalo helops var. trujillaria Dognin (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)},
  author={G. Beingolea and S. V{\'a}squez},
SUMMARY BEINGOIFA O, VASQUEZ G. 1995. Population dynamics of Ammalo helops var. trujillaria Dognin (Lep: Arctiidae). Iiev. per. Enl. 38.— A description is made of the population dynamics of the "ficus hairy worm", illustrated with a bar-graph, based on observations performed during 1969-1974 period on Ficus benjamina in the Parque de la Ingenieria en Lima (ex-Parque Habich), viz a viz biotic mortality caused by parasitoids, mainly by Netelia sp. (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae, Ophioninae), wich… 
Two types of refuge have opposite effects on the size of larval aggregations in a tropical defoliator
The effects of refuge saturation on group size and defence against parasitism in larvae of Ammalo helops Cramer that form day-resting groups on the trunks of weeping laurel, Ficus benjamina L., in El Salvador are examined.


La " polilla del ficus " A ? nmalosp
  • 1970
Notas bioecológicas sobre el " gusano pe ludo del ficus " en Lima