Diminution of singlet oxygen-induced DNA damage by curcumin and related antioxidants.

  title={Diminution of singlet oxygen-induced DNA damage by curcumin and related antioxidants.},
  author={Mahesh Subramanian and Sreejayan and Manjunath N Rao and Thomas P.A. Devasagayam and Brij Bhushan Singh},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={311 2},
Curcumin, the natural antioxidant from turmeric, an Indian spice, and its derivatives have significant abilities to protect plasmid pBR322 DNA against single-strand breaks induced by singlet oxygen (1O2), a reactive oxygen species with potential genotoxic/mutagenic properties. 1O2 was generated at 37 degrees C in an aqueous buffer system by the thermal dissociation of the endoperoxide of 3,3'-(1,4-naphthylene)dipropionate (NDPO2). Among the compounds tested, curcumin was the most effective… CONTINUE READING


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