Diminished sexual activity in a new animal model of endogenous depression.


Our laboratory has proposed a new animal model of endogenous depression. The proposal is that in rats neonatal clomipramine (CLI) produces adult animals that model endogenous depression. Diminished sexual activity is a salient behavioral abnormality found in endogenous depression. This suggests that an animal model of endogenous depression should show diminished sexual activity. We report here a test of the prediction that after neonatal treatment with CLI, adult male rats show decreased sexual activity. We found that after neonatal CLI, adult male Long-Evans rats had a pervasive diminution of sexual activities including decreased mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and increased mount latencies and postejaculatory pause. Sprague-Dawley and Wistar strains also tended to show decreased intromissions and ejaculations, but their baseline sexual activity was too low to give interpretable data. The results with the sexually active Long-Evans strain are consistent with the hypothesis that neonatal CLI produces adult rats that model human endogenous depression.


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