Diminished exoproteome of Frankia spp. in culture and symbiosis.


Frankia species are the most geographically widespread gram-positive plant symbionts, carrying out N(2) fixation in root nodules of trees and woody shrubs called actinorhizal plants. Taking advantage of the sequencing of three Frankia genomes, proteomics techniques were used to investigate the population of extracellular proteins (the exoproteome) from… (More)
DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01559-09


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@article{Mastronunzio2009DiminishedEO, title={Diminished exoproteome of Frankia spp. in culture and symbiosis.}, author={Juliana E. Mastronunzio and Y. Huang and D. R. Benson}, journal={Applied and environmental microbiology}, year={2009}, volume={75 21}, pages={6721-8} }