Diminished arginine-stimulated insulin secretion in trained men.

  title={Diminished arginine-stimulated insulin secretion in trained men.},
  author={Flemming Dela and K{\'a}ri Joensen Mikines and B. Tronier and Henrik Galbo},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={69 1},
Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion is depressed by training. To further elucidate the beta-cell adaptation to training, a nonglucose secretagogue was applied. Arginine was infused for 90 min to seven trained and seven untrained young men. Arginine and glucose concentrations increased identically in the groups. The insulin response was biphasic and waned despite increasing arginine concentrations. Both these phases as well as C-peptide responses were reduced in trained subjects, whereas… CONTINUE READING