Dimethyl sulfoxide: influence upon frog tadpole metamorphosis.

  title={Dimethyl sulfoxide: influence upon frog tadpole metamorphosis.},
  author={David L. Hammerman and D P Ritterman},
  journal={Quarterly journal of experimental physiology and cognate medical sciences},
  volume={54 2},
  • David L. Hammerman, D P Ritterman
  • Published in
    Quarterly journal of…
  • Medicine, Biology
  • In normally metamorphosing tadpoles, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) 1 per cent (v/v) in the medium significantly increases the time required for the completion of metamorphosis. When larval involution is induced, exogenous thyroxin counteracts the inhibitory effect of DMSO. It is suggested that DMSO inhibits metamorphosis by preventing the formation of thyroid hormones, or by inactivating them when formed, or both. 

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