Dimer diffusion in a washboard potential.


The transport of a dimer, consisting of two Brownian particles bounded by a harmonic potential, moving on a periodic substrate is investigated both numerically and analytically. The mobility and diffusion of the dimer center of mass present distinct properties when compared with those of a monomer under the same transport conditions. Both the average current and the diffusion coefficient are found to be complicated nonmonotonic functions of the driving force. The influence of dimer equilibrium length, coupling strength, and damping constant on the dimer transport properties are also examined in detail.

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@article{Heinsalu2008DimerDI, title={Dimer diffusion in a washboard potential.}, author={E. Heinsalu and Marco Patriarca and Fabio Marchesoni}, journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics}, year={2008}, volume={77 2 Pt 1}, pages={021129} }