Dimensionality and fractals

  title={Dimensionality and fractals},
  author={B. G. Sidharth},
  journal={Chaos Solitons \& Fractals},
  • B. Sidharth
  • Published 3 August 1999
  • Physics
  • Chaos Solitons & Fractals



Unification of Fundamental Forces

The chaotic universe

Statistical Mechanics:

AbstractPROF. R. H. FOWLER'S monumental work on statistical mechanics has, in this the second edition, in his own modest words, been rearranged and brought more up to date. But the new volume is much

Gravitation Cosmol 1998;4(2–14):158ff

  • 1998

Fractal space-time: a geometric analogue of relativistic quantum mechanics

Considers a 'thought experiment' in which particles are confined to move on fractal trajectories in both space and time, treating the case of a Peano-Moore trajectory in detail. Generalising these

Gravitation and Spacetime

Now more than ever, Gravitation and Spacetime, Second Edition, by Hans C. Ohanian and new coauthor Remo Ruffini, deserves John Wheeler's praise as "the best book on the market today of 500 pages or

Anomalous quantum Hall effect: An incompressible quantum fluid with fractionally charged excitations

This Letter presents variational ground-state and excited-state wave functions which describe the condensation of a two-dimensional electron gas into a new state of matter.

The Chaotic Universe

Introduction to Cosmology

Foreword by Professor Sir Fred Hoyle 1. The large-scale structure of the universe 2. General relativity 3. From relativity to cosmology 4. The Friedman models 5. Relics of the Big Bang 6. The very

Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics

This book is designed for the junior-senior thermodynamics course given in all departments as a standard part of the curriculum. The book is devoted to a discussion of some of the basic physical