Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Dipolar Antiferromagnets.

  title={Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Dipolar Antiferromagnets.},
  author={P. Babkevich and M. Jeong and Y. Matsumoto and I. Kova{\'c}evi{\'c} and A. Finco and R. Toft-Petersen and C. Ritter and M. M{\aa}nsson and S. Nakatsuji and H. R{\o}nnow},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={116 19},
We report ac susceptibility, specific heat, and neutron scattering measurements on a dipolar-coupled antiferromagnet LiYbF_{4}. For the thermal transition, the order-parameter critical exponent is found to be 0.20(1) and the specific-heat critical exponent -0.25(1). The exponents agree with the 2D XY/h_{4} universality class despite the lack of apparent two-dimensionality in the structure. The order-parameter exponent for the quantum phase transitions is found to be 0.35(1) corresponding to (2… Expand
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