Dimebon Slows Progression of Proteinopathy in γ-Synuclein Transgenic Mice

  title={Dimebon Slows Progression of Proteinopathy in γ-Synuclein Transgenic Mice},
  author={Sergey Bachurin and Tatyana A Shelkovnikova and Alexey A. Ustyugov and Owen M. Peters and Ina Khritankova and Marina A. Afanasieva and Tatyana V. Tarasova and Igor I. Alentov and Vladimir L Buchman and Natalia N Ninkina},
  booktitle={Neurotoxicity Research},
Intermediates and final products of protein aggregation play crucial role in the development of degenerative changes in a number of neurological diseases. Pathological protein aggregation is currently regarded as one of the most promising therapeutic targets for treatment of these diseases. Transgenic mouse models of proteinopathies are an effective tool for screening and validation of compounds, which can selectively affect metabolism of aggregate-prone proteins. In this study, we assessed… CONTINUE READING
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