Dilthey's Distinction Between "Explanation" and '"Understanding" and the Possibility of Its "Mediation"

  title={Dilthey's Distinction Between "Explanation" and '"Understanding" and the Possibility of Its "Mediation"},
  author={Karl Otto Apel and John Michael Krois},
  journal={Journal of the History of Philosophy},
  pages={131 - 149}
  • K. Apel, J. Krois
  • Published 1 January 2008
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of the History of Philosophy
MAX WEBER, THE FOUNDER o f " i n t e r p r e t i v e s o c i o l o g y " (verstehende Soziologie), was influenced by Dilthey and the Neo-Kantians when he framed the question of "interpretive explanations" (verstehende Erkli~rungen). It was in this context that he wrote: "That an interpretation possesses a particularly high degree of evidence [i.e., qualitatively for understanding], does not itself prove anything about its empirical validity . . . . Rather, our 'understanding' of the context… 
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