Dilepton Production in Transport-based Approaches

  title={Dilepton Production in Transport-based Approaches},
  author={Janus Weil and Stephan Endres and Hendrik van Hees and Marcus Bleicher and Ulrich Mosel},
  • Janus Weil, Stephan Endres, +2 authors Ulrich Mosel
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • We investigate dilepton production in transport-based approaches and show that the baryon couplings of the $\rho$ meson represent the most important ingredient for understanding the measured dilepton spectra. At low energies (of a few GeV), the baryon resonances naturally play a larger role and affect already the vacuum spectra via Dalitz-like contributions, which can be captured well in an on-shell-transport scheme. At higher energies, the baryons mostly affect the in-medium self energy of the… CONTINUE READING

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