Dilations of linear maps on vector spaces

  title={Dilations of linear maps on vector spaces},
  author={K. Mahesh Krishna and P. S. Johnson},
  journal={Operators and Matrices},
We continue the study dilation of linear maps on vector spaces introduced by Bhat, De, and Rakshit. This notion is a variant of vector space dilation introduced by Han, Larson, Liu, and Liu. We derive vector space versions of Wold decomposition, Halmos dilation, N-dilation, inter-twining lifting theorem and a variant of Ando dilation. It is noted further that unlike a kind of uniqueness of Halmos dilation of strict contractions on Hilbert spaces, vector space version of Halmos dilation can not… 

Algebraic And\^{o} Dilation

: We solve the Andˆo dilation problem for linear maps on vector space asked by Krishna and Johnson in [Oper. Matrices, 2022] . More precisely, we show that any commuting linear maps on vector space

Indefinite Halmos, Egervary and Sz.-Nagy Dilations

: Let M be an indefinite inner product module over a *-ring of characteristic 2. We show that every self-adjoint operator on M admits Halmos, Egervary and Sz.-Nagy dilations.

p-adic Magic Contractions, p-adic von Neumann Inequality and p-adic Sz.-Nagy Dilation

: We introduce the notion of p-adic magic contraction on p-adic Hilbert space. We derive p-adic Halmos dilation, p-adic Egervary N-dilation, p-adic von Neumann inequality and p-adic Sz.-Nagy dilation



A toolkit for constructing dilations on Banach spaces

We present a completely new structure theoretic approach to the dilation theory of linear operators. Our main result is the following theorem: if X is a super‐reflexive Banach space and T is

Structural Properties of Homomorphism Dilation Systems

Inspired by some recent development on the theory about projection valued dilations for operator valued measures or more generally bounded homomorphism dilations for bounded linear maps on Banach

Dilations of frames, operator valued measures and bounded linear maps

We will give an outline of the main results in our recent AMS Memoir, and include some new results, exposition and open problems. In that memoir we developed a general dilation theory for operator

Harmonic Analysis of Operators on Hilbert Space

Contractions and Their Dilations.- Geometrical and Spectral Properties of Dilations.- Functional Calculus.- Extended Functional Calculus.- Operator-Valued Analytic Functions.- Functional Models.-

A caricature of dilation theory

We present a set-theoretic version of some basic dilation results of operator theory. The results we have considered are Wold decomposition, Halmos dilation, Sz. Nagy dilation, inter-twining lifting,

Framings and dilations

The notion of framings, recently emerging in P. G. Casazza, D. Han, and D. R. Larson, Frames for Banach spaces, in {\em The functional and harmonic analysis of wavelets and frames} (San Antonio, TX,


Using some relatively deep facts about complex functions and spectral measures, B. Sz.-Nagy [2] has recently proved that to every contraction A on a Hilbert space H there corresponds a unitary

Dilations of Positive Contractions on Lp Spaces*

Throughout this article p denotes a fixed number such that 1 ≤ p < ∞. The definition of a real Lp space associated with a measure space is well known. These spaces are Banach Spaces and, with the

Dilation Theory: A Guided Tour

Dilation theory is a paradigm for studying operators by way of exhibiting an operator as a compression of another operator which is in some sense well behaved. For example, every contraction can be