Dihydropyridines: evaluation of their current and future pharmacological applications.

  title={Dihydropyridines: evaluation of their current and future pharmacological applications.},
  author={N Edraki and Ahmad R. Mehdipour and M Khoshneviszadeh and Ramin Miri},
  journal={Drug discovery today},
  volume={14 21-22},
The 1,4-dihydropyridines (DHPs), a class of drugs, possess a wide variety of biological and pharmacological actions, have represented one of the most important groups of calcium-channel-modulating agents and have experienced widespread use in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that DHPs could prove to be highly important as multidrug-resistance-reversing agents in cancer chemotherapy. Recent reports suggest that this class also has other notable… CONTINUE READING
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