[Digoxin--an active antiepileptic agent].


A new pathogenetically grounded approach to the treatment of resistant forms of epilepsy is proposed. Digoxin suppresses the activity of experimental epileptogenic foci produced in the hippocampus of animals (frogs and rats) and also convulsions induced by corazol, bemegrid or electroshock. The antiepileptic and anticonvulsant activity of the drug was confirmed during its clinical testing on 20 children with grave forms of epilepsy which were resistant to the known antiepileptic drugs. The positive therapeutic effect was obtained in 42% of the cases.

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@article{Markova1991DigoxinanAA, title={[Digoxin--an active antiepileptic agent].}, author={I. V. Markova and I. B. Mikhailov and V. I. Guzeva}, journal={Farmakologiia i toksikologiia}, year={1991}, volume={54 5}, pages={52-4} }