Dignity-conserving care in palliative care settings: An integrative review.


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To report an integrative review of evidence relating to dignity-conserving care in palliative care settings. It will also suggest avenues for future research. BACKGROUND Research suggests that dignity is welcomed by those receiving palliative and end of life care. However, as dignity is a subjective term, it is not always explicit how… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/jocn.12791


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@article{Johnston2015DignityconservingCI, title={Dignity-conserving care in palliative care settings: An integrative review.}, author={Bridget Margaret Johnston and Philip Larkin and Michael Connolly and Catriona Barry and Melanie Jay Narayanasamy and Ulrika {\"{O}stlund and Sonja J Mcilfatrick}, journal={Journal of clinical nursing}, year={2015}, volume={24 13-14}, pages={1743-72} }