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Digital transformation of droplet/aerosol infection risk assessment realized on "Fugaku" for the fight against COVID-19

  title={Digital transformation of droplet/aerosol infection risk assessment realized on "Fugaku" for the fight against COVID-19},
  author={Kazuto Ando and Rahul Bale and ChungGang Li and Satoshi Matsuoka and Keiji Onishi and Makoto Tsubokura},
The fastest supercomputer in 2020, Fugaku, has not only achieved digital transformation of epidemiology in allowing end-to-end, detailed quantitative modeling of COVID-19 transmissions for the first time, but also transformed the behavior of the entire Japanese public through its detailed analysis of transmission risks in multitudes of societal situations entailing heavy risks. A novel aerosol simulation methodology was synthesized out of a combination of a new CFD methods meeting industrial… 


Simulation of droplet dispersion in COVID-19 type pandemics on Fugaku
A combination of discrete Lagrangian droplet model and fully compressible Navier-Stokes flow solver is employed in this study and the method is applied to analyze cases such as droplet dispersion during speech and cough under different environmental settings.
Quantifying the COVID19 infection risk due to droplet/aerosol inhalation
A version of the model is introduced that can incorporate the higher transmissibility of variant strains of SARS-CoV2 and the effect of vaccination in evaluating the probability of infection in droplet dispersion simulations using the dose-response model.
Topology-free immersed boundary method for incompressible turbulence flows: An aerodynamic simulation for 'dirty' CAD geometry
  • K. Onishi, M. Tsubokura
  • Computer Science, Physics
    Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
  • 2021
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This work presents a general simulation framework for efficient computation of time-resolved approximations of complex industrial flow problems—Complex Unified Building cube method (CUBE).
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