Digital transformation: Five recommendations for the digitally conscious firm

  title={Digital transformation: Five recommendations for the digitally conscious firm},
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Dynamic and integrative capabilities for digital transformation of innovative and institutional potential

An otological analysis of the restructuring of the organizational systems management architecture in the context of digitalization is carried out and a transformation system has been built in accordance with the digitalization layers.

The Impact of Digitalization on Firms’ Business Models. Opportunities and Limitations for Digital Leader

  • Shabnam Tahiri
  • Business
    Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business and Finance
  • 2021
Digital innovations are often disruptive and result in a radical organizational change. To overcome this barrier and remain competitive, companies need to transform their business and adapt towards

Digital Transformation and Strategic Management: a Systematic Review of the Literature

In recent years, the concept of digital transformation (DT) reached a solid and leading position in the discussion of the key elements which influence the development and survival of contemporary

Digital transformation and organizational knowledge: A systematic literature review

The objective was to verify how the field of study of knowledge management is developing in light of the changes caused by DT and indicate that companies must develop new resources and capabilities to take advantage of DT opportunities.

Impact of Digital Transformation on Accounting Information Systems – Evidence from Algerian Firms

Abstract The study aims to demonstrate the conceptual and practical framework of digital transformation and its impact on accounting information systems by focusing on the requirements of digital

Mind the Gap

  • K. Yılmaz
  • Business
    Managerial Issues in Digital Transformation of Global Modern Corporations
  • 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the influence of digital transformation on business entities. Although it is becoming more feasible to invest in digital technologies due to their swift

Entrepreneurial Skills to Be Successful In the Global and Digital World: Proposal for a Frame of Reference for Entrepreneurial Education

For most professionals to be successful in the current job market, they need some entrepreneurial skills (ES). This study aimed to describe and systematize these skills, considering the current

The role of the information technology staff in the digitalization process: A comparative research with ILO data

In the competitive environment of the 21st century, businesses, economies, and countries that attach importance to technology and use technology in the best way are prosperous. Today, businesses lead



Options for Formulating a Digital Transformation Strategy

This work describes how three German media companies successfully approached digital transformation and provides a list of 11 strategic questions and possible answers managers can use as guidelines when formulating a digital transformation strategy.

Digital Entrepreneurship: Toward a Digital Technology Perspective of Entrepreneurship

New digital technologies have transformed the nature of uncertainty inherent in entrepreneurial processes and outcomes as well as the ways of dealing with such uncertainty. This has raised important

Business Value of IT: An Essay on Expanding Research Directions to Keep up with the Times

This research highlights the need to understand more fully the role of social media in the decision-making process and the role that social media plays in the development of knowledge and social media etiquette.