[Digital subtraction angiocardiography--an alternative to traditional angiocardiography?].


Intravenous (i.v.) digital angiography has been extensively and successfully used for studying peripheral arterial vessels. Its application in the heart now results in high resolution images of the cardiac chambers. Accuracy and reproducibility of left ventricular volume determination equal that of conventional cineangiocardiography. Thus, left ventricular regional and global function can be analyzed quantitatively at rest and during exercise with higher simplicity and lower risk even on an outpatient basis by i.v. digital subtraction angiocardiography. To date, however, the coronary artery system cannot be visualized by digital image processing using i.v. injection of contrast medium, i.e., in patients win whom the coronary arteries have to be examined, selective arteriography for the future, too, will be combined with direct left ventricular angiocardiography. Regarding clinical experience till now, digital subtraction angiocardiography must be characterized as a complementary rater than an alternative method to conventional cineangiocardiography.

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