Digital quantum batteries: Energy and information storage in nanovacuum tube arrays

  title={Digital quantum batteries: Energy and information storage in nanovacuum tube arrays},
  author={Alfred W. H{\"u}bler and Onyeama Osuagwu},
Dielectric material between capacitor electrodes increases the capacitance. However, when the electric field exceeds a threshold, electric breakdown in the dielectric discharges the capacitor suddenly and the stored energy is lost. We show that nano vacuum tubes do not have this problem because (i) electric breakdown can be suppressed with quantization phenomena, and (ii) the capacitance is large at small gap sizes. We find that the energy density and power density in nano vacuum tubes are… 
Large energy storage efficiency of the dielectric layer of graphene nanocapacitors.
The energy storage capabilities of graphene nanocapacitors are examined, which are tri-layer devices involving an Al film, Al2O3 dielectric layer, and a single layer of carbon atoms, i.e., graphene, and it is discovered that the amount of charge stored in the dielectrics can be equal or can even exceed the amountof charge stored on the capacitor plates.
Nuclear energy conversion with stacks of graphene nanocapacitors
It is shown that during the deceleration process more than 90% of kinetic energy of charged nuclear reaction products is converted to electric energy and stored as electric energy in a stack of charged capacitors with a gap size of 500 nm and graphene electrodes.
Gap size dependence of the dielectric strength in nano vacuum gaps
  • D. Lyon, A. Hubler
  • Materials Science
    IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
  • 2013
We study the dielectric strength of vacuum gaps of under 100 nm. We find their dielectric strengths to have a power law dependence on the gap size. We apply this power law to find that the dielectric
Recovery of Alumina Nanocapacitors after High Voltage Breakdown
It is demonstrated that the insulating properties of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 thin films in Al/Al 2O3/Al trilayers can recover after the breakdown, which holds promise for a new generation of capacitors capable of restoring their properties after the dielectric breakdown.
Synthetic atoms: Large energy density and a record power density
The ratio between the maximum amount of retrievable energy and the mass of a battery measures how light weight a battery is, and this quantity is called the energy density.
Quantum energy accumulation in semiconductor < ionic liquid > layered clathrates
The semiconductor < ionic liquid > clathrates on the bases of GaSe and InSe were successfully synthesized in this work. The ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazole tetrafluoroborate was encapsulated
A Review on Quantum Computing Approach for Next-Generation Energy Storage Solution
Quantum Computing technology is currently prevailing as a promising candidate for expanding the research horizons in the areas of power engineering and transportation. An across-the-board view of
A Review on the Application and Usefulness of Metal Nanosized Particles in Solid Rocket Propellants
In order to make the next leap forward from the current generation of technology, energy applications ofnanotech-nology have been developed. Nanotechnology is any technology that contains components
Multivoltaic GaSe<SmCl3> clathrate as new hybrid functional nanostructure
The electrical properties and behaviour in constant magnetic field of fourfold expanded GaSe matrix intercalated with SmCl3 guest were investigated by means of impedance spectroscopy and cycling
A review of Sb2Se3 photovoltaic absorber materials and thin-film solar cells
Abstract Energy generated from environmentally friendly, cost-effective solar cells is a key aspect for developing a clean renewable-energy economy. Non-toxic and Earth-abundant materials with high


Physics Today.
Using a combination of x-ray diffraction and electron diffraction, the scientists produced a three-dimensional map of the hybridized "orbital hole" bonding copper with neighboring oxygen atoms in cuprite (Cu2O).
Physica Scripta
Creation and existence of order are of philosophical significance and practical utility. This paper spells clear, succinct, yet comprehensive directives for order creation, existence and total
Applied Physics
THE March issue of the devotes eleven pages to a report of the meeting of the Advisory Council on Applied Physics of the American Institute of Physics held in Pittsburgh in November. The Council
Microelectronic engineering
  • W. Marwood, L. Jain
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings Electronic Technology Directions to the Year 2000
  • 1995
Using the definitions of the Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology 1992, microelectronics refers to the special methods and techniques used in producing miniature circuits, and
however (for it was the literal soul of the life of the Redeemer, John xv. io), is the peculiar token of fellowship with the Redeemer. That love to God (what is meant here is not God’s love to men)
The term ‘complexity’ has recently sprung into the physical and social sciences, humanities and semi-popular writings. ‘Complexity’ practices are constituted as something of a self-organizing global
The following is a fundamental reading list for doctoral candidates to use as a guide in preparing for their comprehensive examination in the field of Modernism. A student is expected to have read
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