Digital power: exploring the effects of social media on children’s spirituality

  title={Digital power: exploring the effects of social media on children’s spirituality},
  author={Karen-Marie Yust},
  journal={International Journal of Children's Spirituality},
  pages={133 - 143}
  • Karen-Marie Yust
  • Published 3 April 2014
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Children's Spirituality
Digital culture is a prominent factor in the formation of children’s identity and relational experiences, with high percentages of children in many countries participating in gaming and social networking activities. Yet little scholarly work has addressed the ways in which various patterns of engagement in digital culture call into question current assumptions about childhood identity formation and relationality and the repercussions of formational and relational shifts on children’s… 
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Šioje ataskaitoje pateikiami naujos ir unikalios apklausos, parengtos ir vykdomos vadovaujantis griežtais ES Vaikai Internete tinklo standartais, rezultatai. Tyrimas buvo finansuojamas Europos
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