Digital inbound marketing: Measuring the economic performance of grocery e-commerce in Europe and the USA

  title={Digital inbound marketing: Measuring the economic performance of grocery e-commerce in Europe and the USA},
  author={Anett Erdmann and Jos{\'e} M. Ponzoa},
  journal={Technological Forecasting and Social Change},
  pages={120373 - 120373}
This research investigates the cost-result relationship of the Inbound Marketing actions used by grocery e-commerce. The analysis is based on the application of the Dorfman and Steiner (1954) model for optimal advertising budget, which is adapted by the authors to digital marketing and verified with empirical statistical analysis. Considering 29 leading companies in six countries over a time horizon of six years, an analysis of the mix of SEO and SEM techniques aimed at the attraction and… Expand
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