Digital-image retrieval based on shape-feature and MPEG-7 standard


Shape features are an important feature of image, It is the result of carrying on the description to the picture target shape. Using shape feature to retrieval image may enhance accuracy and efficiency of retrieval. This paper introduced the three key aspects to realize image retrieval based on shape feature: the description to shape feature, the extraction shape feature, shape match and introduced the standard of multimedia-content-description interface — MPEG-7.

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@article{Siqing2011DigitalimageRB, title={Digital-image retrieval based on shape-feature and MPEG-7 standard}, author={Wu Siqing and Xiong Gang and Wang Geng and Zhang Guoping}, journal={2011 International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet)}, year={2011}, pages={3095-3097} }