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Digital image processing - principles and applications

  title={Digital image processing - principles and applications},
  author={Gregory A. Baxes},
What Is Image Processing?. Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing. The Digital Image. PROCESSING CONCEPTS. Image Enhancement and Restoration. Image Analysis. Image Compression. Image Synthesis. PROCESSING SYSTEMS. Image Origination and Display. Image Data Handling. Image Data Processing. PROCESSING IN ACTION. Image Operation Studies. Appendices. Glossary. Index. 
Digital Image Processing Concepts
  • E. Seeram
  • Computer Science
  • Digital Radiography
  • 2019
This chapter outlines the essential concepts of digital imageprocessing which is now prevalent in digital radiography departments and offers a point of view on digital image processing as an essential tool fordigital radiography technologists. Expand
Real time image processing with reconfigurable hardware
A new PCI-based system for real time image processing with reconfigurable hardware using the HOT2-XL PCI board is introduced, and a Visual C++ application is implemented in order to validate the hardware designs. Expand
Signal and Image Processing Application Development in the Biomedical Engineering Degree Program
A different approach to the digital signal and image processing training is presented. The students are taught a) the theoretical background of signal and image processing, b) how to use it toExpand
Image Analysis and Computer Vision: 1995
A bibliography of nearly 1700 references related to computer vision and image analysis, arranged by subject matter is presented, including computational techniques; feature detection and segmentation; image and scene analysis; two-dimensional shape; pattern; color and texture; matching and stereo. Expand
Edge-Detection Noise-Smoothing Image Filter Techniques
An edge-detection noise-smoothing image filter based on partial differential equations is proposed and according to the results, this technique improves recovering of a distorted image against to conventional techniques. Expand
Image Pre-Processing
This chapter describes the methods used to prepare images for further analysis, including interest point and feature extraction. Some of these methods are also useful for global and local featureExpand
The contour approach to image reconstruction and compression requires contour data to be filtered and eliminated from the reconstruction process, and statistical tests which validate the proposed process conclude this paper. Expand
Global and Localized Histogram Equalization of an Image
The paper mainly deals with processing an image as well as enhancing it, and analyzes the enhancement of the image by comparing the enhanced image with the initial image using their respective histograms. Expand
Duplicate a key using image processing
This paper proposes to use image processing to duplicate a key grooves and a key cuts [1]. The first step of this research is taking a cross-sectional image of the key grooves and top-sectional imageExpand
A real - time image restoration
An approach for image enhancement in case of smoothed images with a Known kernel is suggested, it is assumed t'hat the original image could be successfully restored if a correction proportional toExpand