Digital image-based titrations.

  title={Digital image-based titrations.},
  author={Edvaldo da N{\'o}brega Gai{\~a}o and Valdomiro Lacerda Martins and Wellington da Silva Lyra and Luciano Farias de Almeida and Edvan Cirino da Silva and M{\'a}rio C{\'e}sar Ugulino de Ara{\'u}jo},
  journal={Analytica chimica acta},
  volume={570 2},
The exploitation of digital images obtained from a CCD camera (WebCam) as a novel instrumental detection technique for titration is proposed for the first time. Named of digital image-based (DIB) titration, it also requires, as a traditional titration (for example, spectrophotometric, potentiometric, conductimetric), a discontinuity in titration curves where there is an end point, which is associated to the chemical equivalence condition. The monitored signal in the DIB titration is a RGB-based… CONTINUE READING
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