Digital color imaging

  title={Digital color imaging},
  author={Gaurav Sharma and Henry Joel Trussell},
  journal={IEEE transactions on image processing : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society},
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  • Gaurav Sharma, H. Trussell
  • Published 1 July 1997
  • Art
  • IEEE transactions on image processing : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society
This paper surveys current technology and research in the area of digital color imaging. In order to establish the background and lay down terminology, fundamental concepts of color perception and measurement are first presented using vector-space notation and terminology. Present-day color recording and reproduction systems are reviewed along with the common mathematical models used for representing these devices. Algorithms for processing color images for display and communication are… 
Single-sensor imaging in consumer digital cameras: a survey of recent advances and future directions
  • R. Lukac
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Real-Time Image Processing
  • 2006
The most distinctive elements of a single-sensor imaging pipeline, such as color filter array configurations, image interpolation solutions, and picture storage approaches are reviewed and commented upon.
Color imaging for multimedia
The basics of color science, color input and output devices, color management, and calibration that help in defining and meeting the requirements for accurate color reproduction and for the preservation of this information across display and print devices are described.
Digital Image Enhancement
A tutorial survey of digital image enhancement algorithms and applications is provided, which leads to a concise introduction to field of enhancement, which does not require expertise in the area of image processing.
Designing image processing pipeline for color imaging systems
The results demonstrated by processing different scenes of pictures show that the proposed IPP pipeline runs well in diverse scenes and illuminants.
Color imaging for digital cameras with a single CCD sensor
  • X. Zhang, Y. Obuchi, T. Kambe, N. Kubo, I. Suzuki
  • Computer Science
    2000 26th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. IECON 2000. 2000 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation. 21st Century Technologies
  • 2000
An even-number-size-mask band pass filter is presented, which can restore the color image's high frequency signal with no zipper effect and an image processing technique based on the compensation filter is proposed and experiments show satisfactory results.
Color Filter Arrays for Single-Sensor Imaging
A universal demosaicking framework is used to demonstrate the impact of the CFA on both the objective and subjective quality of the demosaicked full-color image.
Color imaging: current trends and beyond
  • M. Vrhel
  • Psychology
    Proceedings 2000 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. No.00CH37101)
  • 2000
This paper reviews areas of active research in color image processing and Topics discussed include: color perception, image recording, communication, and reproduction.
Design considerations of color image processing pipeline for digital cameras
A new color image processing pipeline (IPP), which processes the image raw data captured from CCD/CMOS sensors and converts to the final color with exposure corrected, is presented and it bridges the gap between theoretical color imaging sciences and practical IPP implementation issues found in digital imaging systems.
Color Management: Principles and solutions
Some of the scientific principles of color management are presented to evangelize its importance whenever a computer is used for the acquisition, visualization, or reproduction of color images, and some of the original color management algorithms and solutions I have developed during my Ph.D. studies are presented.
Color Image Processing Pipeline in Digital Still Cameras
An overview of the image processing pipeline is presented, first from a signal processing perspective and later from an implementation perspective, along with the trade-offs involved.


Vector space approach to color imaging systems
This paper describes the color imaging system in terms of vector space notation. This includes the effects of the scanning filters and the response of the eye as defined by the CIE color matching
Fundamentals of electronic imaging systems : some aspects of image processing
This second edition has been updated and includes two new chapters, on colour and the design of improved television systems, and there is also an appendix describing the current status of high-definition television throughout the world.
Color correction using principal components
A new method using the spectral reflectance distribution in the image is introduced and compared to a white-point mapping method, which is based on principal component analysis and thus is dependent upon the characteristics of the images that are to be viewed.
DSP solutions run the gamut for color systems
  • H. Trussell
  • Physics, Art
    IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
  • 1993
It is shown that the vector space approach provides a foundation for formulating and solving many problems in color measurement and reproduction, including secondary reproduction, color correction for varying illuminants, estimation of illumination, and design of scanning filters.
Gamma Correction and Tone Reproduction in Scanned Photographic Images
The rationale for using gamma correction in scanned photo graphic images and one way in which gamma correction can be incorporated into a procedure for standardizing the relationship between digital file values and densities on color negatives are suggested.
Filter considerations in color correction
A method of selecting the color filters using a priori information about the viewing illuminants is introduced, which is found in the design of scanners, copiers, and television systems.
The Synthesis and Analysis of Color Images
  • B. Wandell
  • Environmental Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 1987
Within this framework, the same basic methods can be used to synthesize image data for color display monitors and printed materials, and to analyze image data into estimates of the spectral power distribution and surface spectral reflectances.
Mathematical method for designing a set of color scanning filters
Accurate colorimetric scanning of a color image is absolutely essential for good color reproduction. This paper formulates the design of a set of three or more color scanning filters as an
Optimum color filters for CCD digital cameras.
The theoretical findings of this work were employed for the design and fabrication of a high-resolution digital CCD color camera with high calorimetric accuracy.
Quantization of color images based on uniform color spaces
This work investigates algorithms for selecting this set of output colors in alternate color spaces chosen on a perceptual basis for reasons of economy in hardware design and data representation.