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Digital audio: examples of the application of the ASP integrated signal processor

  title={Digital audio: examples of the application of the ASP integrated signal processor},
  author={Eric Persoon and C. Vandenbulcke},
  journal={Philips technical review},
Compression ou dilatation de la gamme dynamique, excitation de la reverberation, l'egalisation de la caracteristique frequentielle 
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A Digital Audio Signal Processor for Sound Field Controls

A new digital audio signal processor (DASP) that is suitable for sound field control applications has been developed. An adaptable external memory configuration method is introduced. The device

A 32/24 bit digital audio signal processor

A digital signal processor of novel architecture developed for high-performance audio applications and realizing a new level of parallelism and dynamic range is presented. The chip, featuring

Some subjects in digital audio : noise shaping, sample-rate conversion, dynamic range compression and testing

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The synthesis of a high order digital bandpass filters with tunable centre frequency and bandwidth

  • A. Petrovsky
  • Engineering
    1996 8th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 1996)
  • 1996
T tunable digital bandpass filters whereby the centre frequency and bandwidth can be independently related to the multiplier coefficients, which permit simple frequency response adjustment by varying the coefficients values.

Random access memory testing : theory and practice : the gains of fault modelling

The goal of the research was the evaluation and the mutual comparison of the eXisting methods and ideas in this field, eventually followed by setting up methodologies to improve the testability of embedded RAM's.