Digital Waveform Generation


This concise overview of digital signal generation will introduce you to powerful, flexible and practical digital waveform generation techniques. These techniques, based largely on phase accumulation and phase–amplitude mapping, will enable you to generate sinusoidal and arbitrary waveforms in real-time with independently controlled waveshape, frequency, phase offset and amplitude, and to design and optimise bespoke digital waveform generation systems from scratch. The book includes a review of key definitions, a brief explanatory introduction to classical analogue waveform generation and its basic conceptual and mathematical foundations, coverage of recursion, DDS, IDFT and dynamic waveshape and spectrum control, and a chapter dedicated to detailed examples of hardware design, accompanied by downloadable Mathcad models created to help you explore ‘what if?’ design scenarios. It is essential reading for practitioners in the digital signal processing community, and for students who want to understand and apply digital waveform synthesis techniques.

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