Digital Storytelling: A Tool for Teaching and Learning in the YouTube Generation

  title={Digital Storytelling: A Tool for Teaching and Learning in the YouTube Generation},
  author={Oliver Dreon and Richard M. Kerper and Jon Landis},
  journal={Middle School Journal},
  pages={10 - 4}
This article reflects the following This We Believe characteristics: Meaningful Learning — Challenging Curriculum — Multiple Learning Approaches Say the phrase “Charlie bit my finger,” and just about every human being with Internet access visualizes the viral video clip of baby Charlie precociously biting the finger of his brother. With almost 200 million views, this video represents just one of thousands of viral videos that form a core component of modern entertainment, news, and advertising… 

Exploring the Use of Interactive Digital Storytelling Video: Promoting Student Engagement and Learning in a University Hybrid Course

This study explores interactive digital storytelling in a university hybrid course that used digital stories in a conventional format in which students could start, stop, and pause the video at will, as well as an interactive format with all the same features, plus programmed pauses for required understanding checks.

Utilizing Digital Literacy in the Creative Writing Classroom

INTRODUCTION The term “digital spaces” sounds like one borrowed from science fiction: a vast and unquantifiable expanse that like the universe is ever expanding; a web of almost endless connections

Get one million views overnight!: How YouTube influences the creation and reception of documentary film

Trends in media creation, distribution and consumption have led YouTube to become a platform where masses of creators and consumers come together to tell stories, entertain and share information.

Designing a Digital Story Assignment for Basic Writers Using the TPCK Framework.

The process of digital storytelling allows basic writers to take a personal narrative and translate it into a multimodal and multidimensional experience, motivating a diverse group of writers with

Efficacy of the Flipped Classroom to Teach the Digital Storytelling Process

The flipped classroom can be used to encourage teachers to prepare their own stories for their students and connect with peers to build their own collaborative learning spaces. Teachers can create

Using Youtube as an Education Environment: Examining Follower Views

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing platform in the world. According to the statistics provided by Youtube in 2020, 1 billion hours of video content is watched daily on Youtube and 2

Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Media to Enhance Students’VocabularyMastery

Vocabulary is one of the most prominent elements in language learning. Any language learners, students, in this case, should be equipped with sufficient vocabulary since its existence greatly

The design of multimedia storytelling

In teaching English, the use of media is essential to underpin and facilitate the process. With the recent waves of Technology, some teachers also make an exercise of a digital platform to develop

YouTube, Learning, and Transformative Critical Pedagogy

Fundamental changes that have taken place in the realm of information technology— particularly with the emergence of the Internet—have altered significantly ways by which people communicate, interact

Digital Storytelling to Unlock Reflective Practice in the Classroom

It is a common practice that teachers tell stories in the classroom when teaching literature. They are enthusiastic in their teaching profession but students nowadays are diverse in their learning



Engaging the YouTube Google-Eyed Generation: Strategies for Using Web 2.0 in Teaching and Learning.

This paper outlines some possible strategies for educators to incorporate the use of some of these Web 2.0 technologies into the student learning experience.

Digital Booktalk: Digital Media for Reluctant Readers

Initial pilot studies tested out these assumptions and determined that these types of mediated interventions can be successful in motivating students to read and complete books and increase personal understanding of the relevance of reading and writing in the lives of those who otherwise demonstrate an aversion to text-based media.

The World of Digital Storytelling

Imagine you are watching the digital story that Kim, a 6th grader, has created for a language arts assignment. As the story opens, the computer screen slowly fills with photographs of Kim's parents,

Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community

Introduction 1. The Work of Story 2. Stories in Our Lives Interlude 1: The Legacy of Tanya 3. A Road Traveled: The Evolution of the Digital Storytelling Process 4. The World of Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool for the 21st Century Classroom

Digital storytelling has emerged over the last few years as a powerful teaching and learning tool that engages both teachers and their students. However, until recently, little attention has been

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

It is amazing to me how in all the hoopla and debate these days about the decline of education in the US we ignore the most fundamental of its causes. Our students have changed radically. Today’s

Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups

What do we know about literature circles now that we didn't understand eight or ten years ago? What new resources and procedures can help teachers organize their classroom book clubs better? What are

The influence of social interaction on meaning construction in a virtual community

There may be benefits in teachers encouraging students to actively participate in social interaction by reading peers' texts, editing peers' errors and evaluating peer editors' corrections during text revisions, this study suggests.

“School” Reading and Multiple Texts: Examining the Metacognitive Development of Secondary‐Level Preservice Teachers

This practitioner-research study investigated the reading behaviors of preservice teachers from diverse content disciplines as they engaged in reading multiple texts pertaining to a historical topic.