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Digital Microphone Array - Design, Implementation and Speech Recognition Experiments

  title={Digital Microphone Array - Design, Implementation and Speech Recognition Experiments},
  author={Erich Zwyssig},

Speech processing using digital MEMS microphones

Using speech recognition and speech separation experiments, this thesis demonstrates that the significantly reduced SNR of the MEMS microphone can be compensated for with well established adaptation techniques such as MLLR.

Rare Wild Animal Ecological Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things-A Case Study of Western Black Crested Gibbon

Using the Internet of Things technology to build a rare wild animal ecological monitoring system, continuously collect data on audio, video and eco-environment factors within the system coverage to monitor the western black crested gibbon population.

A digital microphone array for distant speech recognition

The design, implementation and testing of a digital microphone array which uses digital MEMS microphones which integrate the microphone, amplifier and analogue to digital converter on a single chip in place of the analogue microphones and external audio interfaces currently used is presented.



Silicon microphone based on surface and bulk micromachining

In this paper a silicon microphone which can be fabricated using standard semiconductor processes is presented. The acoustic-electrical transducer is based on the capacitance change of a movable 400

Microphone Arrays : A Tutorial

This report presents a tutorial of fundamental array processing and beamforming theory relevant to microphone array speech processing. A microphone array consists of multiple microphones placed at

The AMI Meeting Transcription System: Progress and Performance

Major developments such as improvements in automatic segmentation, cross-domain model adaptation, inclusion of MLP based features, improvements in decoding, language modelling and vocal tract length normalisation, the use of a new decoder, and a new system architecture are described.

HMMs and related speech recognition technologies

The aim of this chapter is to review the core architecture of an HMM-based CSR system and then outline the major areas of refinement incorporated into modern systems.

The Generalised Correlation Method for Estimation of Teim Delay

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Distant Speech Recognition

This book presents a meta-analysis of the literature on speech recognition and its applications in academia and industry, and some of the lessons can be applied to the design of filter banks for speech recognition systems.

CMOS-MEMS membrane for audio-frequency acoustic actuation

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Distant Speech Recognition: Bridging the Gaps

While great progress has been made in both fields, there is currently a relatively large rift between researchers engaged in acoustic array processing and those engaged in automatic speech