Digital Media Copyright Protection Technology in the Age of All Media

  title={Digital Media Copyright Protection Technology in the Age of All Media},
  author={Yixin Chen and Xi Hu and Feng Xiao},
With the development of technology in the information age, digital products are increasingly integrated into people’s lives. People enter a full-media era. However, digital media files are characterized by easy copying and rapid dissemination, resulting in a large number of Internet. Piracy and infringement issues, and even some documents involving confidential areas, have been stolen by lawless elements, seriously infringing on the intellectual property and economic interests of the file… 


A Picture’s Worth: The Future of Copyright Protection of User-Generated Images on Social Media
Abstract: In the current digital age, the internet is teeming with personal websites and social media posts. As more people around the world are becoming and staying connected to the internet, more
Network-based usage monitoring and rights management of digital media
  • Yi Xie, Yulin Wang
  • Computer Science
    2016 8th IEEE International Conference on Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN)
  • 2016
This paper proposes a new method to enhance digital media protection over the internet using the newly proposed method, the digital content is decrypted only when the client machine is under controlling and monitoring of the server.
An enhancement in security and copyright protection technique used for digital still image
  • S. Gonge, A. Ghatol
  • Computer Science
    2017 International Conference on Nascent Technologies in Engineering (ICNTE)
  • 2017
The Combination of digital image watermarking and AES technique provides authenticity, copyright protection, and security to digital image against different attacks like Cropping, Gaussian noise, Salt and pepper noise, JPEG compression, Median filtering and Rotation attack.
Copyright Protection Method based on the Main Feature of Digital Images
A copyright protection method based on the main feature of digital images by using SIFT algorithm that can resist tampering attack such as JPEG compression, noise, and geometric distortion is proposed.
A copyright protection using watermarking scheme based on nonlinear permutation and its quality metrics
The purpose of investment study watermarking definition, thought, guideline responsibilities and proposed scheme which is based on nonlinear permutation, least significant bits, chaotic logistic and Gauss maps, to assure the watermark in test image are combined.
A Novel Contourlet Domain Watermark Detector for Copyright Protection
This paper proposes a novel contourlet domain image watermarking scheme for copyright protection using two dimensional generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (2D-GARCH) model that is compatible with the contourlets coefficients.
Design and Implementation of Geometric Invariant Zero-Watermarking in Digital Copyright Protection
Simulation results show that, without changing original image data, the proposed scheme is robust to geometric attacks and some conventional signal processing attacks, and provides an effective solution for high reliability copyright protection.
Copyright Protections of Digital Content in the Age of 3D Printer: Emerging Issues and Survey
This paper summarizes various requirements not previously considered in the literature, defining infringement issues for new technology scenarios and requirements, and presents the pros and cons of each technology and future research directions.
Copyright Protection for E-Learning Videos Using Digital Watermarking
A method for digital watermarking in which frequency domain transforms are used for the data insertion and the result shows that the method using wavelet transform is more efficient.