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Digital Materiality: Preserving Access to Computers as Complete Environments

  title={Digital Materiality: Preserving Access to Computers as Complete Environments},
  author={M. Kirschenbaum and Doug Reside and Gabriela Redwine and C. Peters and Naomi Nelson and Kari Kraus and Erika L. Farr},
This paper addresses a particular domain within the sphere of activity that is coming to be known as personal digital papers or personal digital archives. We are concerned with contemporary writers of belles-lettres (fiction, poetry, and drama), and the implications of the shift toward word processing and other forms of electronic text production for the future of the cultural record, in particular literary scholarship. The urgency of this topic is evidenced by the recent deaths of several high… Expand
Beyond the Magic to the Mechanism: Computers, Materiality, and What It Means for Records to Be “Born Digital”
Over the past thirty-five years, archivists have worked to establish bodies of knowledge and expertise to help manage and preserve born-digital records. What has been missing from the archivalExpand
Black Matters of Value: Archiving James Baldwin's House as a Virtual Writer's Museum
Abstract:In progress at the University of Michigan and the National Museum of African American History and Culture, this digital humanities project proposes a virtual writer's house-museum for JamesExpand
Walking in my shoes: A case study from a Born-Digital Archive
The PAD project, aimed at the long-time preservation of digital papers from Italian writers and journalists and their accessibility to the research community, is intended to be as flexible as possible in terms of types of material, numbers of authors and the dimensions of their archives. Expand
Reconceptualizing Academic Libraries and Archives in the Digital Age
This paper merges book and record lifecycle models into a new archival cycle and suggests a viable model for curating the archive in the twenty-first century is imagined. Expand
Born Digital: The 21st Century Archive in Practice and Theory
As more people rely on computer technologies to conduct their personal and professional lives, born-digital materials such as emails, Word manuscripts with tracked changes, blog entries, textExpand
Postdramatic methods of adaptation in the age of digital collaborative writing
This work uses digital text analysis and visualization to analyze the genesis of an adaptation of Die Bruder Karamasow by Luk Perceval, based on Dostoevsky's eponymous novel. Expand
A Practical Approach to System Preservation Workflows
A workflow to be used for replicating installed application environments onto emulated or virtualized hardware is described and the potential for automating steps in the workflow is discussed and some of the possible issues are addressed, focusing on the x86 architecture. Expand
Reconstruction - Representation - Collaboration. Interdisciplinary Approaches To Changes In Contexts Of Digital (Music) Editions
Researchers from Paderborn University, the Hochschule für Musik Detmold and OstwestfalenLippe University of Applied Sciences combine their expertise from musicology, various fields of computer sciences, software engineering, usability engineering and music informatics and media studies to investigate processes of change and new possibilities of the transition from analogue to digital music and media editions. Expand
Narrative, story, intersubjectivity: Formulating a continuum for examining transmedia storytelling
This thesis begins with the premise that by challenging preconceptions about narrative and story as concepts that are in some way already determined, it becomes possible to open a space in whichExpand
Scalable Born Digital Ingest Workflows for Limited Resources: A Case Study for First Steps in Digital Preservation
Abstract This article seeks to provide an example of a scalable and achievable born digital ingest workflow for cultural heritage institutions of any size, including those with limited funding. LikeExpand


Approaches to Managing and Collecting Born-Digital Literary Materials for Scholarly Use
Digital Humanities Level 1 Start-Up funding ($11,708) was received in support of a series of site visits and planning meetings for personnel working with the born-digital components of threeExpand
Adapting Existing Technologies for Digitally Archiving Personal Lives Digital Forensics, Ancestral Computing, and Evolutionary Perspectives and Tools
  • J. John
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • iPRES
  • 2008
The adoption of existing technologies for digital curation, most especially digital capture, is outlined in the context of personal digital archives and the Digital Manuscripts Project at the BritishExpand
The Textual Condition
Jerome McGann shows how every text enters the world under socio-historical conditions that set the stage for a ceaseless process of textual development and mutation. Expand
Bibliographers and the Library
OF THE SCHOLARS who enter libraries to pursue research, those who call themselves bibliographers have been among the most vocal critics of the policies and attitudes they encounter. That there shouldExpand
Finding and Archiving the Internet Footprint
The range of information that an originator may have left on computers out there on the Internet, including works that are publicly identified with the originator; information that may have been stored using a pseudonym; anonymous blog postings and private information stored on web-based services like Yahoo Calendar and Google Docs is explored. Expand
Picking Our Text: Archival Description, Authenticity, and the Archivist as Editor
A number of recent archival initiatives have asserted a relationship between archival description and authenticity. This article establishes a preliminary foundation for understanding the nature ofExpand
The Social Life of Information
From the Publisher: For years pundits have predicted that information technology will obliterate the need for almost everything--from travel to supermarkets to business organizations to social lifeExpand
Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts
As known, adventure and experience about lesson, entertainment, and knowledge can be gained by only reading a book. Even it is not directly done, you can know more about this life, about the world.Expand
‘The Unfinished’
At the end of the 1960s, a prisoners' movement critical of the prison system developed in the Scandinavian countries. Particularly strong in Norway, the key expression of this abolitionist movementExpand
Foucault's Pendulum
Front cover of the Summer 2010 issue of The Hexagon featuring Foucault's pendulum in the Pantheon of Paris, France. A large weight hangs from the ceiling over a circular table with degrees writtenExpand