Digital Marketing: A Framework, Review and Research Agenda

  title={Digital Marketing: A Framework, Review and Research Agenda},
  author={P. K. Kannan and Hongshuang Li},
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Marketing perspectives on digital business models: A framework and overview of the special issue
Structure and Constituents of Digital Marketing Systems
The article addresses the study of digital marketing as a marketing system, the definition of its key elements, feeds and outputs, as well as levels of structure. At the moment, digital marketing is
Digital Marketing: A Conceptual Framework, Review, and Case Study Mixed Approach
Beyond the traditional focus on marketing, this work approaches cross-border marketing with an emphasis on the digital aspect, and draws up a set of recommendations to each company analyzed that may help to improve decision-making in marketing practices.
Marketing communications in the digital age
In this article, the author raises the issues of marketing communications in the digital age. The article also presents the differences between traditional marketing communications and digital
The Use Of Digital Marketing Strategies In The Sharing Economy: A Literature Review
In recent years, the emergence of new digital platforms of sharing economy has given rise to considerable changes in consumer behavior. These new ways of consumption in online environment have to be
Corporations direct significant funds to create a “digital relationship” with customers. The article deals with the results of research in the field of digital marketing, in particular theoretical
An exploratory study of social selling on LinkedIn: the concept and its implications
Due to the digital transformation, the purchasing process is evolving and rising the need to reinvent the sales process. Through marketing and sales tools and tactics, social selling presents itself
Digital Marketing and Digital Retail Strategies in the Luxury Sector
Contemporary marketing strategies have shifted from unidirectional to bidirectional logic, according to which the rise of digitization and of social networks are changing the concept of marketing
Marketing Management in Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Context
Managerial thinking in marketing management requires holistic perspective for understanding and interpreting issues and trends in marketing environment. Technology plays a key role in business


Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments: Research Synthesis and New Directions
Although an extensive body of research has emerged on marketing in computer-mediated environments, the literature remains fragmented. As a result, insights and findings have accumulated without an
Integrating Marketing Communications: New Findings, New Lessons, and New Ideas
With an enhanced understanding of the consumer decision journey and how consumers process communications, the authors outline a comprehensive framework featuring two models designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of integrated marketing communication programs: a “bottom-up” communications matching model and a top-down communications optimization model.
A Thematic Exploration of Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing: Research Evolution from 2000 to 2015 and an Agenda for Future Inquiry
Over the past 15 years, digital media platforms have revolutionized marketing, offering new ways to reach, inform, engage, sell to, learn about, and provide service to customers. As a means of taking
Creating Enduring Customer Value
One of the most important tasks in marketing is to create and communicate value to customers to drive their satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. In this study, the authors assume that customer
Demonstrating the Value of Marketing
Marketing departments are under increased pressure to demonstrate their economic value to the firm. This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that marketing uses attitudinal (e.g., brand awareness),
Strategic Bundling of Products and Prices: A New Synthesis for Marketing
Bundling is pervasive in today's markets. However, the bundling literature contains inconsistencies in the use of terms and ambiguity about basic principles underlying the phenomenon. The literature
Customer Equity Management
The authors present an overview of a new approach to marketing—one that seeks to maximize customer equity by managing the customer asset. Using a resource-based view, the article provides a framework