Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies

  title={Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies},
  author={John Hartley},
An ambitious rendering of the digital future from a pioneer of media and cultural studies, a wise and witty take on a changing field, and our orientation to it Investigates the uses of multimedia by creative and productive citizen-consumers to provide new theories of communication that accommodate social media, participatory action, and user-creativity Leads the way for new interdisciplinary engagement with systems thinking, complexity and evolutionary sciences, and the convergence of cultural… 

Digital media studies futures

Television and media studies embraced diverse methodologies as scholars sought to interrogate textuality, social contexts, economic and industrial imperatives, and policy and audience formations.

Producing Culture: Australian Media and Creative Policy

This chapter further unpacks the idea of authorised participation through a critical overview of the current Australian television ecosystem within increasingly global distribution network, in order

On the ‘grand narrative’ of media and mass communication theory and research: a review

  • M. Deuze
  • Art
    El profesional de la información
  • 2021
This paper offers a genealogy of the field of mass media and communication theory and research, with the purpose of distilling a grand narrative of media studies and communication science. Such a

Young creators in open spaces: digital ethnography

The main goal is to outline support strategies to generate digital literacy among young people who participate in social networks and adopt an ethnographic and action research approach to explore the creative process undertaken in an informal educational environment.

Transmedia literacy in the service of cultural development

This paper considers changes caused by new technologies that enable an increasing participation of average Internet users in the field of cultural production. From the perspective of pyramidal

Cultural citizenship in the digital future(s): in search of a new code of praxis for South African journalism education and training

Abstract This article introduces ten guidelines for a new code of praxis, based on critical complexity theory, to steer journalism education and training (JET) into the ‘digital future(s)’. The

Futures of Communication: Communication Studies∼Creativity

This paper proposes that applying models from within creativity research to the discipline of communication will provide innovative ways of examining communication that pushes current knowledge of

DIY John Curtin: Uncertain futures for heritage and citizenship in the era of digital friends and foes

This article introduces some of the problems confronting the popularization of national, civic and cultural heritage in the era of complex digital systems and social networks. Taking contemporary

From Fan Videos to Crowdsourcing: The Political Economy of User-Driven Online Media Platforms and Practices

Following its rise to popularity from 2004 onwards, an increasingly idealistic and dominant conception of platforms, practices, and projects shaped by the Web 2.0 paradigm or the Social Web would

Archiving as History-Making: Religious politics of social media in India

This article explores the case of right-wing Hindu nationalist volunteers in India, to turn a critical eye on a digital practice that has become prominent on new media in India in recent times—the