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Digital Forensics Tool Interface Visualization

  title={Digital Forensics Tool Interface Visualization},
  author={Roberto A. Altiero},
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A Visualization Approach to Analyze Android Smartphone Data
This paper introduces Visroid, a new tool that provides a suite of visualization for Android smartphone data, which is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence from a mobile device under forensically sound condition.
Integrating behavioural analysis within the digital forensics investigation process
This programme of research focused on incorporating Behavioural Analysis (BA) within the digital forensics investigation process. A review of previously developed digital forensics investigation


Development of InfoVis Software for Digital Forensics
This work outlines the processes, challenges, trials and tribulations of developing proof-of-concept forensic software designed to create interactive Information Visualisations from digital evidence sources.
A Discussion of Visualization Techniques for the Analysis of Digital Evidence
  • Gerald Schrenk, R. Poisel
  • Computer Science
    2011 Sixth International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
  • 2011
An overview of data classification, data sources and a classification of available techniques for processing digital evidence is given and a comparison between conventional approaches and visualization techniques is presented.
Security data visualization : graphical techniques for network analysis
This chapter discusses the development of a security visualization system and some of the techniques used to develop it, as well as the challenges and rewards of using them.
Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Tool Using Abstraction Layers
The nature of tools in digital forensics is examined and a discussion of the definitions, properties, and error types of abstraction layers when used with digital forensic analysis tools is discussed.
A Fully Animated Interactive System for Clustering and Navigating Huge Graphs
This paper describes DA-TU, which combines an animated clustering and an online force-directed animated graph drawing method for the visualization of huge graphs.
Digital forensics research: The next 10 years
Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials
An introduction to Computer Forensics and the Criminal Justice System and how to become a Unix Guru and Investigating a Unix Hosts.
The eyes have it: a task by data type taxonomy for information visualizations
  • B. Shneiderman
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 1996 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages
  • 1996
A task by data type taxonomy with seven data types and seven tasks (overview, zoom, filter, details-on-demand, relate, history, and extracts) is offered.
Toward Models for Forensic Analysis
It is shown how using a rigorous model of forensics can result in forensic analysis requiring a much smaller amount of carefully selected, highly useful data than without the model.