Digital's Alpha project

  title={Digital's Alpha project},
  author={R. Supnik},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • R. Supnik
  • Published 1993
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
Explotación de la potencia de procesamiento mediante paralelismo: un recorrido histórico hasta la GPGPU
espanolLa mejora en los sistemas de fabricacion de semiconductores, con escalas de integracion crecientes durante decadas, ha contribuido a incrementar de forma espectacular la potencia de losExpand
Embedding Algorithms Hypercube, HCN, and HFN into HFCube Interconnection Networks
In this paper, we analyze emddings among HFCube(n,n), HCN(n,n), HFN(n,n) with lower network cost than that of Hypercube. The results are as follows. We propose that Q2n can be embedded intoExpand
Design of an Immersive Teleconferencing Application
A synthetic background that matches the real meeting room can be easily designed, giving the impression of a virtual meeting room as an extension of the real one, and remote conference sessions that resemble real life meetings can be held. Expand
Virtual address translation for wide-address architectures
This work proposes a hybrid scheme to accelerate wide virtual address translation, which works well for 32-bit architectures, but not for wide address (64-bit) architectures. Expand
Latin Hypercubes : A Class of Multidimensional Declustering TechniquesBhaskar
The I/O subsystem is widely accepted as one of the principal bottlenecks for high performance parallel databases systems. The emergence of parallel I/O architectures has made the problem of dataExpand
Performance evaluation of grid based multi-attribute record declustering methods
Theoretical results are derived which show that no Declustering method can be strictly optimal for range queries if the number of disks is greater than 5, and that information about common queries on a relation is very important and ought to be used in deciding the declustering for it. Expand
ALU design and processor branch architecture
The paper demonstrates that the traditional condition code branch mechanism is unsuitable for high-performance, multiple-instruction-issue processor implementations. Expand


A 200-MHz 64-bit Dual-Issue CMOS Microprocessor
A RISC (reduced-instruction-set computer)-style microprocessor operating up to 200 MHz, implements a 64-b architecture that provides huge linear address space without bottlenecks that would impedeExpand