Digital/analog hybrid system for filing of endoscopic images.

  title={Digital/analog hybrid system for filing of endoscopic images.},
  author={Masayuki A. Fujino and Masaki Ikeda and Yoshiro Yamamoto and Atsuro Morozumi and Takashi Nakamura and Takashi Kawai and Hideharu Suzuki},
  journal={Computer methods and programs in biomedicine},
  volume={37 4},
A new system was developed for filing all the endoscopic images generated in our hospital. The system is composed of an on-line network for analog images supplied from the endoscopy stations and stored on 300 mm optical disks, on the one hand, and an off-line PACS for digital images recorded on a 130 mm magneto-optical disk (MOD) at each endoscopy station, on the other. For close examination of the images digital images are displayed from the MOD on a high-resolution computer graphic monitor… CONTINUE READING