Digit length ratios predict reactive aggression in women, but not in men

  title={Digit length ratios predict reactive aggression in women, but not in men},
  author={Zeynep Benderlioglu and Randy J Nelson},
  journal={Hormones and Behavior},

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Minireview: Organizational hypothesis: instances of the fingerpost.
Digit ratios offer a valid test of the organizational hypothesis that androgens act early in life to masculinize various human behaviors, and/or correlations of prenatal androgen stimulation with particular behaviors and characteristics within a group.
Selective Breeding for a Behavioral Trait Changes Digit Ratio
The present results are difficult to reconcile with the notion that 2D∶4D is an effective proxy for prenatal androgen exposure; instead, it may more accurately reflect effects of glucocorticoids, or other factors that regulate any of many genes.
Intrauterine Position Effects on Anogenital Distance and Digit Ratio in Male and Female Mice
The lack of correlation between 2D:4D and AGDs in this mouse strain suggests that these two measures do not reflect a common influence of androgen exposure, and the possible roles of temporal and localized effects of masculinization are discussed.
Second to fourth digit ratios, sex differences, and behavior in Chinese men and women
Abstract The ratio of the length of the second and fourth digits (2D:4D ratio) is consistently smaller in men than in women. Additionally, within each sex, smaller digit ratios may be associated with
It is argued that assortative mating on 2D:4D operates indirectly and may be mediated through the assortment on other, more perceptible, physical traits and psychological phenotypes that entertain associations with 2D-4D and are relevant for courtship and mate choice.
Aggression, Digit Ratio and Variation in Androgen Receptor and Monoamine Oxidase A Genes in Men
It is concluded that more masculine-typical 2D:4D does not reflect greater sensitivity to testosterone through variation in this locus on the AR gene, and that AR alleles conferring greaterensitivity to testosterone are associated with lower, not higher propensity to aggression.
The Relationship between 2nd Digit/4th Digit Ratio and Empathy, Aggression, and Sex Role in College Students
Objectives The study investigated the role of prenatal testosterone on the development of sexually dimorphic psychological phenotype. Finger length ratio (2nd digit/ 4th digit, 2D/4D), especially on
Sex Differences in 2D:4D Rations, Aggression, and Spatial/Verbal Abilities
Copyright 2010 by Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology (Vol. 15, No. 2/ISSN 1089-4136) Finger length ratios such as the ratio of the length of the second digit, or index finger (2D)


Sexual dimorphism in digit‐length ratios of laboratory mice
The mouse may be a useful animal model for studying the factors that influence finger length patterns, which have recently been correlated with several specific behaviors and disease predispositions in humans.
The 2nd:4th digit ratio and asymmetry of hand performance in Jamaican children
Testosterone, particularly prenatal testosterone, has been implicated in the aetiology of many extragenital sexually dimorphic traits and it is suggested that the 2D:4D ratio may be associated with the expression of other sexuallyDimorphic behavioural traits.
Masculinized Finger Length Patterns in Human Males and Females with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Results are consistent with the idea that prenatal androgen exposure reduces the 2D:4D and plays a role in the establishment of the sex difference in human finger length patterns, and finger lengths may offer a retrospective marker of perinatal androgens exposure in humans.
Fluctuating asymmetry predicts human reactive aggression
Fluctuating asymmetry represents non‐directional deviations from perfect symmetry in morphological characters and individuals' phenotype and intensity of provocation are important determinants of individual and sex differences in aggression.
Sexual orientation and the 2nd to 4th finger length ratio: evidence for organising effects of sex hormones or developmental instability?
The ratio of 2nd to 4th digit length and male homosexuality.
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Are 2D:4D finger-length ratios related to sexual orientation? Yes for men, no for women.
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Findings add to evidence that prenatal hormonal factors may be linked to men's sexual orientation as well as ethnic groups, after ethnicity was taken into account.
Differences in Finger Length Ratios Between Self-Identified “Butch” and “Femme” Lesbians
It is concluded that increased early androgen exposure plays a role in only some cases of female homosexuality, and that the sexual orientation of “femme” lesbians is unlikely to have been influenced by early androgens.
Finger-length ratios and sexual orientation
The androgen-sensitive pattern of finger lengths is examined, and there is evidence that homosexual women are exposed to more prenatal androgen than heterosexual women are, and men with more than one older brother, who are more likely than first-born males to be homosexual in adulthood, are exposure to more pregnancies than eldest sons.
The ratio of 2nd to 4th digit length: a predictor of sperm numbers and concentrations of testosterone, luteinizing hormone and oestrogen.
It is shown that 2D:4D in right and left hands has a sexually dimorphic pattern and is probably established in utero, which raises the possibility that patterns of digit formation may relate to spermatogenesis and hormonal concentrations.