Digisonic SP® Binaural cochlear implant: the coronal tunneled approach.


UNLABELLED Cochlear implants represent a significant breakthrough in the treatment of hearing loss. Evidence indicates bilateral hearing brings significant benefits to patients, particularly when binaural hearing is offered. OBJECTIVE To describe the first case of implantation of a Digisonic SP® Binaural Neurelec device in Brazil (the third implant placed in the Americas, after Mexico and Colombia) and the chosen surgical approach. METHOD Description of a surgical approach. RESULTS The procedure was successfully completed. DISCUSSION The squelch effect, binaural summation, location of the sound source, and the shadow effect of the head are listed among the reasons to explain the superiority of binaural rehabilitation. Cost of treatment must be considered in the development of public health policies. CONCLUSION The cost of cochlear implants has been one of the main impediments to bilateral rehabilitation. The Digisonic SP® Binaural Neurelec device addresses this issue and exposes patients to less risk through a minimally invasive implantation procedure.

DOI: 10.5935/1808-8694.20130054

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