Digestive versus regulatory proteases: on calpain action in vivo.

  title={Digestive versus regulatory proteases: on calpain action in vivo.},
  author={P{\'e}ter Friedrich and Zolt{\'a}n Boz{\'o}ky},
  journal={Biological chemistry},
  volume={386 7},
Calpains, the cytoplasmic Ca2+-activated regulatory proteases, have no simple and clearly definable cleavage site specificity, which is in sharp contrast to digestive (e.g., pancreatic) proteases. For calpains, an approximate 10-aa segment having a variety of sequences and spanning the scissile bond, governs proteolytic cleavage. This permissivity is a precondition for calpains to act on several different substrate proteins in the cell. The specificity of calpain action may be ensured by… CONTINUE READING