Diga-me com quem falas e dir-te-ei quem és: a conversação mediada pelo computador e as redes sociais na internet

  title={Diga-me com quem falas e dir-te-ei quem {\'e}s: a conversaç{\~a}o mediada pelo computador e as redes sociais na internet},
  author={Raquel Da Cunha Recuero},
The following work discusses how social networks within social network sites can be studied through conversation analysis. We argue that conversation can be used to map the social networks underlying these systems, based on structural and semantic aspects that can reveal social ties and social capital built by the actors. We also discuss how conversation can reveal more “live” or “emergent” networks in those sites, rather than the mere study of links exchanged by the actors. 
TV Social em telenovelas da Rede Globo: estratégias e papéis
Compreendendo a TV Social como uma estrategia de producao que revaloriza a grade de programacao da televisao, identificamos e analisamos quatro delas a partir da observacao da ficcao seriada da Rede
A webnovela ressignificada em rede: um olhar sobre o cotidiano da conversação virtual Webnovel, resignified narrative on social net: a note about the daily life through virtual conversation
A reflexion about the practice of the communication on daily life on this virtual community through ressignified narratives on Orkut is shown.
Avaliação da qualidade percebida de um serviço por meio de site de redes sociais (Evaluation of perceived quality service by site of social networks)
The service sector is the key to economic growth and job creation in Brazil. Measure the quality of service provision is essential to the development of the sector. The growing phenomenon of social
Arquigrafia-Brasil Social Network: Design of an Online Environment Based on Transdisciplinarity and Collaboration
A transdisciplinary project named “Arquigrafia-Brasil Social Network” is presented, which aims the development of a user centered collaborative environment to document and study Brazilian architecture through images.
Presentification, bond and delegation in social network sites 1 Presentificação, vínculo e delegação nos sites de redes sociais Presentificación, vínculo y delegación en los sitios de redes sociales
The paper discusses material aspects of communication on social network platforms and approaches the ways by which actors present themselves in these spaces based on a case study: the choice of
Blogs como canais alternativos de comunicação para o renascimento do parto
Aplicando-se a sociologia das ausencias e da sociologia das emergencias, investiga-se a blogosfera brasileira da humanizacao do parto composta por blogs mantidos por mulheres ativistas. A partir da
Reactive interaction and subjectivity in social network sites
Making use of attractive and user-friendly interfaces full of functionalities regarding communication and social interaction, the SNS are amongst the most accessed sites in Brazil and worldwide and change the use of internet to an extent that makes it almost impossible to differentiate both universes.
Redes sociais e ensino: possibilidades e desafios
The paper presents the results of an empirical exercise and reflective about the use of social networks in the proposed teaching and learning, investigating their possible role as a teaching tool, by
Construyendo seguridad para la manifestación de la sororidad desde #LasRespondonas
It was found that the construction of the feeling of security in #LasRespondonas—a Facebook group made up mostly of feminist women—for the manifestation of sorority built occurs thanks to three elements: the creation of a virtual community, the existence of an echo chamber, and the use of the platform tools.
Formação continuada com apoio de uma rede social na internet: Tecnologias na Prática Docente de Professores de Matemática Continuing Education Supported by an Internet Social Network: Technologies in the Teaching Practice of Math
Technological innovations present various challenges to education, but several pedagogical alternatives can be used in their application. Teacher training is an essential mechanism to improve quality


Social Network Analysis
This paper reports on the development of social network analysis, tracing its origins in classical sociology and its more recent formulation in social scientific and mathematical work. It is argued
Konversationsanalyse. Ein Reparaturversuch
Aus Unbehagen über die Tatsache, daß die ethnomethodologische Konversationsanalyse in der Rezeption umstandslos unter sehr heterogene und in ihren theoretischen und methodologischen Leitlinien oft