Dificuldades diagnósticas no osteoma osteoide do cotovelo: estudo clínico, radiológico e histopatológico

  title={Dificuldades diagn{\'o}sticas no osteoma osteoide do cotovelo: estudo cl{\'i}nico, radiol{\'o}gico e histopatol{\'o}gico},
  author={Ana Cristina Cotta and Rog{\'e}rio Teles de Melo and Renato C{\'e}sar Rezende de Castro and Francineide Sadala de Souza and Yana Senna Jeronymo Najjar and J{\'u}lia Filardi Paim and Ricardo Karam Kalil},
OBJECTIVE: To describe the clinical and imaging findings that may aid in correctly diagnosing osteoid osteoma of the elbow. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The authors have retrospectively evaluated seven patients diagnosed with osteoid osteoma of the elbow histologically confirmed by bone biopsy. The patients' medical records and imaging studies were reviewed. RESULTS: Among the 142 patients with osteoid osteoma identified in the archives of the institutions, 4.9% had the lesion in the elbow… CONTINUE READING

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