Diffusivity of oxygen in aerobic granules.

  title={Diffusivity of oxygen in aerobic granules.},
  author={Z. C. Chiu and Michelle Y Chen and Dong Hoon Lee and Stephen T-L Tay and Joo Hwa Tay and K. Y. Show},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
  volume={94 3},
This work for the first time estimated apparent oxygen diffusivity (D(app)) of two types of aerobic granules, acetate-fed and phenol-fed, by probing the dissolved oxygen (DO) level at the granule center with a sudden change in the DO of the bulk liquid. With a high enough flow velocity across the granule to minimize the effects of external mass transfer resistance, the diffusivity coefficients of the two types of granules were estimated with reference to a one-dimensional diffusion model. The… CONTINUE READING
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