Diffusion weighted imaging of bone marrow pathologies.

  title={Diffusion weighted imaging of bone marrow pathologies.},
  author={Andreas M. Herneth and Klaus Friedrich and Claudia Weidekamm and Nadja Schibany and Christian Robert Krestan and Christian Czerny and Franz Kainberger},
  journal={European journal of radiology},
  volume={55 1},
Diffusion weighted imaging of non-CNS tissue has attracted much attention during the last years. Its capability of probing the microstructure of a biologic tissue at a sub-millimeter range is used to evaluate its diffusion capacity, which is tissue specific and can be used for tissue characterization. Processes involving bone marrow where the primary target for DWI during the last years. Most experience has been gained for differentiating benign from pathologic vertebral compression fractures… CONTINUE READING


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