Diffusion-weighted MRI in cortical ischaemia

  title={Diffusion-weighted MRI in cortical ischaemia},
  author={K. O. L{\"o}vblad and Stephan G Wetzel and Thierry Somon and Kai M Wilhelm and Amir Mehdizade and Alexios D Kelekis and M El-Koussy and S. El-Tatawy and M. Bishof and Gerhard Schroth and Stephen Perrig and François Lazeyras and Roman Felix Sztajzel and F. Terrier and Daniel Ruefenacht and Jacqueline Delavelle},
We carried out MRI on 16 male and three female comatose patients, aged 2 days to 79 years, with suspected cortical ischaemia referred from our intensive care units. Using a head coil, and following standard imaging, including coronal fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery images, we performed diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) using a whole-brain multislice single-shot echo-planar sequence with b 0 and 1000 s/mm2: 5-mm slices covering the whole brain, TR 7000 TE 106 ms, 128×128 pixels, field of view… CONTINUE READING


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