Diffusion-weighted MRI in acute spinal cord ischaemia

  title={Diffusion-weighted MRI in acute spinal cord ischaemia},
  author={Thomas J. Loher and Claudio Bassetti and K. O. L{\"o}vblad and Frank Stepper and Mathias Sturzenegger and Claus Kiefer and Krassen Nedeltchev and M Arnold and Luca Remonda and Gerhard Schroth},
Acute spinal cord ischaemia is often undetectable with conventional MRI. Diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI) has been difficult to use in the spine because of susceptibility artefacts. We assessed the diagnostic value of echoplanar DWI for early confirmation of spinal cord ischaemia. We performed conventional MRI and DWI in two men and three women, aged 54–75 years with clinically suspected acute spinal cord ischaemia. Imaging was performed 9–46 h after the onset of symptoms, and 2–9 days later to… CONTINUE READING


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